Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery and Orthopedics

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Dr. L. Kriauceliunas Small Animal Clinic, Veterinary Academy
1 year
Master of Veterinary Medicine
Certificate of achievement
12,000 EUR per year
Taught in English

Programme structure

What you will learn:

Anesthesia during soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, pain management / Basics of soft tissue surgery. Atraumatic surgery techniques / Basics of surgical patients’ diagnostics (ultrasound, radiography, endoscopy) / Wound management and surgical treatment / Skin reconstructive surgery / Abdominocentesis, thoracocentesis, chest tube placement / Ear diseases surgical treatment / Hepatobiliary system diseases diagnostics and surgical treatment / Gastrointestinal tract diseases diagnostics and surgical treatment / Urogenital tract diseases diagnostics and surgical treatment / Oncological patient diagnostics, treatment strategy and surgeries (incisional biopsies; small, large skin/subcutaneous, internal organs mass removal) / Cardiothoracic surgeries / Osteosynthesis: fracture repair with internal fixation / Joint surgery: femoral head and neck ostectomy, cruciate ligament repair, arthrotomy, arthrodesis / Other orthopedic procedures: amputation for orthopedic condition / Orthopedic patient management after the surgery


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