Small Animal Diseases Diagnostics and Treatment

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Dr. L. Kriauceliunas Small Animal Clinic, Veterinary Academy
1 year
Master of Veterinary Medicine
Certificate of achievement
12,000 EUR per year
Taught in English

Programme structure

What you will learn:

Deepening diagnostic knowledge for diagnosis internal diseases of small animals by using radiological, ultrasound and endoscopy equipment / Cardiovascular system diseases, their diagnosis peculiarities, analysis of prescribed treatment schemes / Diagnostic of respiratory system diseases by using radiological, ultrasound and endoscopy equipment / Upper and lower respiratory system diseases, their diagnostic and treatment schemes / Diagnostic tools for eye diseases, special therapeutic methods, selection of procedures and treatment schemes / Diagnosis of skin diseases, development and analysis treatment schemes. Hormonal disorders, diagnostic, treatment and critical care / Peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases / Dangerous conditions in the presence of such diseases and resolution of these situations / Diagnostic of urinary system and urinary disorders diseases, sampling and analysis of the obtained test results, the possible ways of correction/treatment of these disorders / Diagnostic methods and treatment strategies of exotic animal diseases (rabbits, rodents, parrots and reptiles) / Important infectious diseases, diagnostic, treatment options, critical care and control methods


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