Orthopedic Odontology

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Department of Dental and Maxillofacial Orthopedics
1 year
Master‘s degree in Dentistry
Certificate of achievement
12,000 EUR per year
Taught in English

Programme structure

What you will learn:

Basic manufacturing technologies of dental prostheses. Constructive materials, processes of bio-tolerance and clinical methods of their evaluation / Functional neuroanatomy of mastication / Rehabilitation of a toothless persons / Systems of dental implants. Comparative characteristic of dental implantation methods. Processes of osseointegration, their medical- biological evaluation. Clinical methods of planning the prosthetics on implants. Systems of suprastructures, clinical criterions of their selection / Etiopathogenesis of periodontal diseases. Biomechanical characteristic of a healthy and damaged dental arch, orthopedic rehabilitation methods of damaged dental arch, prognosis, prophylaxis / Physiological occlusion, its elements, complex clinical methods of evaluation. Pathological occlusion, prognostication of its course variants and substantiation of occlusal correction / Evaluation of temporomandibular joint function, its norm, pathology, methods of complex treatment, prognosis and prophylaxis / Orthopedic odontological rehabilitation of oncological patients / Principles of ergonomics in odontology / Gerodontology


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