Clinical Chemistry

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Department of Laboratory Medicine
1 year
Bachelor of Medicine or Master of Medicine
Certificate of achievement
12,000 EUR per year
Taught in English

Programme structure

What you will learn:

General principles of laboratory diagnostics / Phases of laboratory testing (including factors affecting lab test results) / Changes of laboratory tests in most common medical pathologies / Laboratory assessment of renal function, liver and biliary tract, water and electrolytes, enzymes, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), vitamins, serum fluid and protein, lipid metabolism, pulmonary function, gastric, pancreatic and intestinal function, glucose and evaluation of diabetes mellitus, mineral and bone metabolism, neoplasia (tumour markers), cardiac biomarkers and the assessment of cardiovascular system, endocrine system / General (routine) automated chemistry and special chemistry (including various immunochemistry methods, (immuno)electrophoresis, nephelometry, turbidimetry, and etc.) techniques / Evaluation and interpretation of laboratory test results in conjunction with laboratory methodology and pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical considerations / Practical aspects of laboratory work organization (including safety, quality management and assurance according to ISO/EN standards


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