Animal Science

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Faculty of Animal Science. Institute of Animal Rearing Technologies
16 hours
Bachelor or Master of Veterinary Science, Food science, Animal science, Animal and Human interaction.
Certificate of attendance
1,800 EUR per course
Taught in English

Programme structure

What you will learn:

Introduction lecture on animal-based food raw material safety and quality parameters, in relation with the animal rearing technologies (2 hours). / Lectures on the main meat and milk safety and quality parameters (2 hours). / Training (3*4 hours, in total 12 hours) includes laboratory practice (discussion including) - pH with a pH meter (model Inolab 3, Hanna Instruments, Italy) / Colour assessment with a Minolta Chroma Meter colorimeter (CR-200, Minolta Camera, Osaka, Japan) / The water holding capacity (WHC) / Drip loss / Cooking loss (CKL) / Shear force (SF) in a TA-XT Plus texturometer coupled to a Warner-Bratzler device / Dry matter (DM) content / Ash content / Intramuscular fat content by using a Soxhlet SE 416 Columbus macro automatic system for fat extraction (Gerhardt, Germany) / The protein content by the Kjeldahl method / The biogenic amines content by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) (by using Agilent 1200 HPLC, Carlsbad, CA, USA) equipped with diode-array detector and Chemstation LC software was employed) / Fatty acid content according to current standards – ISO 5555:2001 Animal and vegetable fats and oils.


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