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Easy application steps

Step 1


We will evaluate your documents and give you an answer within 72 hours.

Step 2


Upload electronic copies of your documents to the application platform. Click SUBMIT after completing the application form, as only SUBMITTED applications will be considered.

Step 3


The submitted application will be reviewed, and you will get feedback within 72 hours after submission of the application:

  1. Feedback – additional information required;
  2. Positive feedback – your application has been reviewed; you may continue with application procedure and university will continue with recognition of your educational background according to the enrolment criteria.
  3. Not qualified – the provided documents are not acceptable for admission to LSMU.
Step 4

Application fee
150 euro

Following positive feedback, an invoice for the application fee of 150 EUR (non-refundable) will be issued and you shall continue with the application procedure and pay the application fee.

Step 5

Motivation interview

Interview will be conducted via Zoom video meeting. Zoom invitations will be sent to your mailbox around a week before the agreed interview date.

Step 6

Entrance exam

Online exam consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) in Biology and Chemistry (or Mathematics in case of Psychology). Not all applicants shall pass the exam, exemptions can be found in application procedure, section Exemptions from Entrance Exam.

Step 7

Offer Letter

Is issued if the following admission steps are successfully completed:

  • education certificates have been checked and recognized as acceptable for admission at University.
  • the motivation interview and/or the entrance test have been successfully passed.
Step 8

Registration fee
250 euro

Offer acceptance to study at LSMU shall be confirmed by applicant via the application platform and invoice for Registration fee of 250 EUR (non-refundable) is issued.

Step 9

Study Contract

Study Contract is issued to applicant following the acceptance of University Offer and payment of the registration fee of 250 EUR.

Step 10

Deposit + Tuition fee

First-year tuition fee shall be paid following the terms and conditions of the signed Study Contract. Deposit of 1000 EUR (non-refundable) is a part of the tuition fee.

Step 12


Enrolled students pack their bags and prepare to come to LSMU. Studies begin on the 1st of September, Student Registration Week takes place a week before.


LSMU is a public state-founded and state-recognized higher educational establishment implementing state-accredited study programmes (in conformity with the EC Directives) that are subjected to regular re-accreditation procedures.

External accreditation of University and study programmes is based on the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area - ESG 2015, National standards and descriptions, EU Directive 2005/36/EC for regulated professions. Veterinary programme has international external accreditation (EAEVE).

If you want to be awarded the degree granted by the LSMU and recognised in the EU, you should successfully complete half of the study programme at the LSMU.

University offers one intake – Autumn. The Autumn intake starts in September.

Yes, it is possible to transfer to LSMU from any another university from EU/EEA.

The entrance examination is compulsory for everyone applying for the following courses: Medicine, Veterinary, Odontology and Pharmacy. More information: - Study at lsmu - Degree studies - Admission - Online Entrance Exam

The exam has two steps: the interview and the test in Biology and Chemistry. You will have an interview several days prior to the entrance test during the same week. More information: - Study at lsmu - Degree studies - Admission - Online Entrance Exam

You should sign the study Contract and pay the deposit/tuition fee indicated in the Contract. In case you need a visa to enter Lithuania, you will receive the visa invitation (mediation) document from the University upon paying the amount of the tuition fee indicated in the study Contract; then you can start arrangements for your visa. Do not forget to take care of your flight and accommodation.

The national visa D is issued for a maximum of one year.

For the issue of a national visa, you must apply to the Lithuanian Visa Service in a foreign country or to an external service provider's visa application centre.

Visa fee – 120 euro.

The decision to issue a national visa is made within 15 calendar days from the date of the request. This period may be extended by up to 45 calendar days.

More information here:
Study@lsmu / Degree Studies / Admission / Student Visa

The University can provide a visa D documents only for students. Family members should apply for Schengen visa independently.

LSMU provides a dormitory placement for every first-year student. If you decide to live in the dormitory, you need to book the living place in advance. More information here: - Study at LSMU - Degree studies - Admission - Accommodation

Senior-year students are required to find accommodation in the city themselves. Apartments for rent are available throughout the city. Useful links of the real estate agencies providing apartment rental are here: - Study at LSMU - Degree studies - Admission - Accommodation

Living in Lithuania requires a fairly stable financial situation. The climate and the standard of living in Lithuania are similar to that in Mid Europe, and we advise all foreign students to prepare in advance in order to make sure they get the best out of their time in Kaunas. The cost of living varies of course, depending on personal needs. Below you can see an estimate of what the adequate cost of living per month may be for an international student in Lithuania:

Estimated cost of living EUR/month

  • Accommodation (in the University dormitory) 100,00- 200,00 euro.
  • Privat apartment in the city – 150,00-350,00 euro
  • Food - 150,00- 200,00 euro
  • Mandatory Health Insurance - 10,00 –20,00 euro.
  • Public transportation - 5,00 euro.
  • Materials for studies - 10,00 euro.
  • Hygiene - 10,00 euro
  • Temporary residence permit – 25,00 euro
  • Other (telephone, clothes, etc.) - 30,00 euro

The first school-related duty for you is to be present at the registration week. There, you will receive all the necessary information and documents regarding the University, including your schedule, information about the Immigration Office and the residence permit, how to get a student card, how to open your bank account, etc.

Regrettably, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences does not offer scholarships or financial aid to international students. All studies taught in English are self-funded.

Yes, there are: Application and registration fees.

After you receive positive feedback, you should continue with the application procedure and pay the application fee of 150 EUR (non-refundable).

If you received an Offer to study at LSMU, you need to pay the Registration fee of 250 EUR (non-refundable) and continue the admission procedure.

As soon as your online application has been reviewed by the admissions office, the invoice will be e-mailed to you. The invoice with the registration fee will indicate the possible ways to make the payment.

The registration, application and deposit fees are non-refundable.

Applicants must pay the first year or the first semester tuition fee (depends on the study program) during the application procedure, after they accept the offer. In the following years, students could pay a semester tuition fee in instalments.

In case you do not get your visa, tuition fee is refundable according to the study contract.

Refund requests can only be made in relation to the tuition fee. The registration, application fees and the price of the books are non-refundable.

The student undertakes to have a personal health insurance upon the arrival to the University:

  1. Citizens of EU countries must present: a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Certificate) and a S1 form issued in the student's country of residence, or a valid personal heath insurance that meets the following requirements:
    1. Full medical expenses (including urgent dental expenses)
    2. Accidents (studies and practices based on the curriculum)
    3. Repatriation or evacuation for medical reasons.
    4. 24/7 emergency assistance helpline and a possibility to adopt direct billing between the health-care provider and the insurance company in case of high expenses of acute hospitalization.
  2. Non-EU nationals must provide: a valid personal health insurance that meets the requirements described above and valid for at least 12 months. Health insurance must remain valid during the entire stay in Lithuania. Upon the expiration of the insurance, the student undertakes to extend the insurance for the following 12 months.

The university highly recommends to have an issurance issued at your home country but can recommend the following companies for a Private Health Insurance:

  1. Aon student insurance, yearly price approx. 470 Eur
  2. Lietuvos draudimas, yearly price approx. 288 Eur
    (covers outpatient clinics services except dental services, hospitalisation, medications and rehabillitation)

You may find more information about health insurance requirements and possibilities to get medical services under the following link:

The International Relations and Studies Centre of LSMU may assist you in getting the required insurance policy.

During the entire study period student has the obligation to be registered with a family doctor at any local clinic or hospital. University will recommend the medical institution which will accept students and provide all necessary and urgent healthcare services. Communication will be available in English.

In case of sudden/critical health problem, student shall use the emergency call 112.
Student shall have the valid health insurance policy as going to the doctor. Students coming from the EU countries or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Norway shall have the valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

If you need someone to talk to, don’t wait! Psychological counselling is offered to all international students studying at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, who want to talk and find solutions. More information on how to take care of your psychological health: LSMU - Study at LSMU - Degree Studies - Student Support.